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superior exterior wood finishing products

Celebrating 20 Years in Business

Trusted, beautiful protection

Structures Wood Care is known for our innovative exterior wood coating technology. Breathe new life to neglected log and timber siding; achieve beautiful and long-lasting wood finishes while highlighting the tones and rich grains of the wood. We are your number one source to keep your property in phenomenal condition.

NatureColor® and NatureOne® will protect your wood like no other – it will weather the elements, conserve the aesthetic appeal and sustain it from outdoor wear. With Structures Wood Care products protection, the new wood appearance you see today can be the same appealing look you’ll see tomorrow.


Coverage you can count on

Choose from Two Product Lines:

Structures Wood Care - NatureColor® Products Gallon


Alkyd oil exterior translucent stain

Our proven oil alkyd resin formulation combined with special iron oxide, ultraviolet reflecting/absorbing pigments for optimum protection of your natural wood home. *Product color samples compare Smooth Wood and Rough Wood.

  • Structures Wood Care - Natural
    NATURAL 01
  • Structures Wood Care - Aged Pine
    AGED PINE 02
  • Structures Wood Care - Cedar
    CEDAR 03
  • Structures Wood Care - Teak
    TEAK 04
  • Structures Wood Care - chestnut
  • Structures Wood Care - Lodge Brown
  • Structures Wood Care - hazelnut
  • Structures Wood Care - mahogany
Structures Wood Care - NatureOne® Products Gallon


100% Acrylic exterior
translucent stain

Our water based durable translucent exterior wood coating that combines 100% acrylic resin technology with transparent iron oxides for a premium coating with advanced UV protection. *Product color samples compare Smooth Wood and Rough Wood.

  • Structures Wood Care - natural
    NATURAL 301
  • Structures Wood Care - Cedar
    Cedar 303
  • Structures Wood Care - Teak
    TEAK 304
  • Structures Wood Care - mahogany
    Mahogany 308
  • Structures Wood Care - walnut
    Walnut 309
  • Structures Wood Care - pecan
    PECAN 311

Tips to the perfect finish

Our knowledge of old-world finishes for the exterior of wood homes made available to you. Learn more on the process of staining your home to ensure a long-lasting finish.

Prep & Application
Structures Wood Care

Beauty and Endurance

Structures Wood Care® Featured Benefits

  • Translucent Icon

    Ensures optimum visibility of the wood grain, enhances and highlights the natural beauty.

  • Durable Icon

    Excellent durability with proper application, and combined with recommended recoater maintenance.

  • UV Icon
    UV Protectant

    Screens the wood from sunlight deterioration through use of UV absorbers and iron oxide pigments.

  • Water Icon
    Water repellent

    Protects against damage from moisture intrusion.

  • Product sample
  • Protect your investment

    Preserving the visual appeal of your natural wood will depend upon maintaining its vibrant color, grain definition, and surface texture. The challenge of a protective finish is two fold: Repel Water and Protect from the Sun. Our products do both, and our customers vow they can’t find a better product.

  • Cabin Life

"I can’t find a better product to put on a customer's project. The acrylic is great if you’re patient with it!
We only buy about 250 gallons a year, and we would love to double that!"

— Nathan (Facebook Review)

Based in the Minnesota Northwoods

Headquartered in Nisswa, Minnesota, we know cabins. As a coalition of experts in the wood finish, wood product, and wood home markets, our priority is producing high-quality premium exterior wood finishes at competitive prices.

Structures Wood Care - Cabin Life