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Structures Wood Care - Application - Benefits of NatureColor
Benefits of NatureColor®

NatureColor® Base Coat and Recoater is an alkyd oil wood protection technology originating in Europe and now well proven over three decades of continuous use in the United States and Canada. Applied by brush or sprayed and back brushed in a three coat vertical system, it penetrates and bonds itself to wood surfaces in a protective translucent weathering shield that has a depth of brilliance that can easily be maintained.

Features of NatureColor®

– It sheds running water minimizing surface wetting cycles that crack and deform wood.
– The elasticity of NatureColor® allows it to remain secure to the wood while moving with it as it expands and contracts with changes in humidity and temperature.
– Its microporous “breathability” allows water vapor present in all wood to harmlessly pass through it
– Its blend of synthetic transparent iron oxides and ultraviolet absorbers imparts beautiful grain definition and depth of appearance to the wood while neutralizing most of the damaging and color fading effects of sunlight.
– Its fungicidal component impedes the growth of disfiguring and wood degrading micro-organisms.
– Easy application due to its long open work time.

Benefits of NatureColor®

– The high quality sheen of the NatureColor prime and finish protective system for siding, log homes, garage doors can be easily maintained by a single coat reapplication of Recoater.
– The UV components allow the Base Coat to be used for decks, spindles, and railings as well as the first part of the vertical system. No special deck product to buy.
– The odor is much milder and less irritating than other alkyd oil brands.
– NatureColor® is definitely an excellent dollar value.