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Benefits of NatureOne® Renew - Benefits of NatureOne Renew
Benefits of NatureOne® Renew

NatureOne® Renew is a superior eco-friendly, colorless exterior finish designed as a maintenance coat over existing NatureColor or NatureOne 100% acrylic exterior three coat protection system.

Purpose of Renew

An exterior maintenance coat that will not darken or change the existing appearance of the wood surface.

When is it the right time to use Renew?

Only apply when you are doing a timely maintenance coat. The existing NatureColor or NatureOne protection system must be in good condition.


On vertical surfaces only:

– Siding
– Timber & Log
– Trim
– Shakes
– Entry Doors & Garage Doors
– Shutters

Do not use on bare wood, fences or horizontal surfaces such as decks, railings or outdoor furniture.

Why does this clear maintenance finish work?

– The latest three pronged UV technology works in conjunction with the transparent iron pigmented protection system that is already in place. This pigmented protection system is still the major UV component.
– Naturally breathable with its open film structure
– Excellent adhesion – specially built in adhesion promoters provide excellent initial and long term adhesion to wood substrates