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Caring for Shakes / Shingles
Caring for Shakes / Shingles

It seems the words Shakes and Shingles, more often than not, are said together. Perhaps it is because one forgets the difference between the two. The difference relates to how the wood is cut (sawn or split), shaped and the roughness of the surface. Both shingles and shakes can be used on sidewalls or roofs. In this article we will use the term shingles to include shakes and shingles and discuss application on sidewalls. We will also discuss coating shingle panels, a recent commodity in building materials.

Individual Shakes

The end grains of the individual shingles are very porous and are exposed to the elements; consequently they act like a sponge absorbing moisture into the shingle. Structures Wood Care’s products are breathable, flexible and water repellent and can tolerate the shrinking and swelling of the shingle. Follow standard application for a wood project with a high moisture exposure: 2 coats of NatureColor Base Coat (no Recoater) or 2 coats of NatureOne 100% Acrylic Ext..

The best method of application is to coat before the shakes are installed so that all sides of the shingle are thoroughly coated. Apply by dipping the shingle to at least two thirds its length, lightly brushing the excess off, hang vertically to dry to avoid pooling. Wait 24 hours. Dip and hang again. Allow to dry 24 to 48 hours. Install

Shingle Panels

Shingle panels, i.e. Shakertown panels, are designed with moisture and air flow features. With these features the moisture exposure is less, similar to wood siding. Prefinish in shop or with a brush coat all sides of panel with 2 coats of NatureColor Base Coat or 2 coats NatureOne 100% Acrylic prior. Allow 24 hours between coat applications. Install. Apply 1 coat of NatureColor Recoater or NatureOne respectively within one month of installation.