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Caring for Your Finish

  • Caring for Decks, Railings, Porches, etc.

    Caring for Decks, Railings, Porches, etc.

    For optimum long-term visual appeal of your natural wood, correct wood surface preparation is of great importance and well worth the effort. Moisture content of the wood should be no more than 18%. Besides opening the pores of the wood, surface preparation will kill mildew spores that are growing. Apply product within one week of surface preparation for best results.

  • Caring for Shakes / Shingles

    Caring for Shakes / Shingles

    It seems the words Shakes/Shingles, more often than not, are said together. Perhaps it is because one forgets the difference between the two. The difference relates to how the wood is cut (sawn or split), shaped and the roughness of the surface. Both shingles and shakes can be used on sidewalls or roofs. In this article we will use the term shingles to include shakes and shingles and discuss application on sidewalls. We will also discuss coating shingle panels, a recent commodity in building materials.

  • Caring for Coating Ipe, Ironwood, and Other Hardwoods

    Caring for Coating Ipe, Ironwood, and Other Hardwoods

    Exotic hardwoods are a popular building material. They have a high natural oil content and strong dense wood fibers making them strong and naturally rot and insect resistant. So what’s not to love about hardwoods? It is that the boards weather grey. Not a pleasing look for the homeowner that wants the original rich coloration of the wood.