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Preparation and Application

  • General Preparation for Siding

    General Preparation for Siding

    For optimum long-term visual appeal of your natural wood, correct wood surface preparation is of great importance and well worth the effort.

  • Keys to Success in Coating a Structure

    Keys to Success in Coating a Structure

    The keys to success in coating a structure with NatureColor®, NatureOne® or any other wood finish product.

  • Benefits of Factory Pre-Finishing

    Benefits of Factory Pre-Finishing

    Save Money and Time with Factory Pre-finishing. Factory Pre-finishing assures that the proper amount of product is applied and applied evenly. All 6 sides of the board are coated shielding it from moisture absorption, which minimizes expansion and contraction of the wood fibers and therefore extends the life of the wood siding.

  • Recommended Temperatures for Coating

    Recommended Temperatures for Coating

    We have all read can labels with recommended temperatures that one should have when coating exterior projects.

  • Why Is Back Priming Recommended?

    Why Is Back Priming Recommended?

    First of all lets explain, what is back priming? It simply means coating the backside of wood siding with one coat of NatureColor® Base Coat or NatureOne® before putting the siding up.