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Exterior Wood Siding
Exterior Wood Siding

Application of NatureColor® Base Coat & Recoater

Approved Sidings

Solid wood sidings:
– Bevel
– Board & Baton
– Channel
– Shiplap
– Tongue & Groove
– Log Siding

Water collection in the V-groove of Herring Bone and Chevron patterns may result in pre-mature coating failure. Coating of end grains and attention to caulking detail will enhance the performance of the coating.

Installing the siding directly over foil faced or ridged foam insulation or moisture proof house wrap may cause excessive moisture and heat, which may negatively affect the coatings performance. Back priming will help control the absorption of this moisture into the wood. Ventilation of the siding by installing over strapping provides the best solution for moisture control.

Manufacturers of plywood siding, such as T1-11, do not recommend the use of translucent pigmented coatings, like NatureColor® Base Coat, Recoater or NatureOne®. See siding manufacturers recommendations for coatings of this type of substrate.

Design & Building

A design that keeps the water and sunlight away from the wood surfaces will result in lower maintenance, which will save the building owner time and money.

– Plan with a “Maintenance Perspective”
– Good foundation drainage
– Bottom row of siding should be 2 feet above ground
– Protect porch posts from ground moisture
– Keep exterior walls free from back splashing
– Ventilation systems for moisture producing areas of the home (i.e. kitchens, baths, etc). Vent through roofing system whenever possible
– Provide a minimum of 2-foot overhangs, 4-foot is better.
– Install gutters and downspouts  Install flashing – dormers, chimneys, etc.
– Provide for siding ventilation
– Select high quality wood and face the textured side of the siding outward to the weather.


Follow the instructions on the General Preparation Guide Sheet.

Standard Application

1. Follow Prep Procedure
2. One Coat of Base Coat
3. Wait 24 hours
4. One Coat of Base Coat
5. Wait 24 hours
6. One Coat of Recoater

Alternatives to Standard System:
For optimum system performance apply all three coats within 30 days.

If this is not possible due to time, weather or budget constraints you may delay the third coat application up to one year from the application of second coat.


Surfaces should be coated within two weeks of cleaning procedure, second coat within two weeks of the first coat and third coat within two weeks of the second coat.

If subsequent coats are extended beyond these parameters cleaning of the surface should be done per the maintenance preparation specifications.

Color Check

Always do a complete system color test on a sample of surface that will be used in the project from the NatureColor® purchased for the project.

Batch Check

Batch numbers appear on the Gallon and Five-gallon containers. For color consistency always use the same batch number for the job. If different batch numbers exist, mix all batches together to assure color consistency.


NatureColor® Base Coat and Recoater perform best applied with a longhaired natural bristle brush. NatureColor® products can be sprayed, but always back brushed to work the product in the wood on the first coat and to even the pigmentation and film thickness.

Spray Specifications:
– Airless Sprayer
– Tip Size 5-15 to 5-17
– Pressure – 1000 to 1500 PSI
– Saturate surface with product
– Even application by back brushing

Tip: Keep the spray head no more than 12 inches from substrate.

Clean Up

Clean up spills and spatters immediately with mineral spirits. Clean tools immediately after use with mineral spirits.

Dispose of empty can or unused finish in accordance with state and federal regulations.

Back Priming

For our products, application of one coat to all sides of the boards is recommended to control the intake of excessive moisture in the wood, which may result in coating failure.

For Best Performance

– Keep material from freezing
– Do not thin or add colorants
– Apply when inner moisture of wood is below 18%
– Apply liberal coats
– Apply in direction of the grain
– Maintain a wet edge
– Saturate all end grains
– Apply when surface and air temperatures are between 50 ̊F and 90 ̊F
– Avoid application of product when temperatures are expected to drop below 50 ̊F within 4 hours
– Avoid application when dew or moisture is present
– Avoid applying finish in direct sunlight or when surface is hot to the touch.


The information and suggestions for use made herein are based on research and experience of Structures Wood Care, Inc., and are believed to be reliable. Application and surface conditions are beyond Structures Wood Care, Inc.’s control. Liability, if any, is limited to replacement of product or refund of its purchase price at Structures Wood Care’s option. Proof of purchase is required. Labor or cost of labor is excluded. Buyers must determine for themselves, by preliminary tests or otherwise, the suitability of the products for their purposes.