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General Maintenance for Siding
General Maintenance for Siding

How often you need to reapply a maintenance coat depends on a wide range of variables such as location of the structure, the wood construction, design, etc.

Walk around your building once or twice a year and look for the wear indicators as listed in the “Building Owners Trouble Shooting Guide”. Look for wear in high moisture and sun exposed areas, flat grain and knots.

We also recommend that you clean the surface by power rinsing at least once a year. This optimizes the water shedding and light reflecting properties of the wood finish. Excessive dirt, dust and pollen on the surface inhibit the coatings performance and appearance.

General Maintenance for Siding

NatureColor® – Base Coat and Recoater:
As required, approximately 2 to 3 years on south and west exposures and every 3-4 years on north and east exposures.

NatureOne® – Acrylic Exterior:
Two coat application – As required, approximately 2 to 3 years on south and west exposures and every 3 to 4 years on north and east exposures.

Three coat application – As required, approximately 3 to 4 years on south and west exposures and every 4 to 5 years on north and east exposures.

Prior to recoating your building always clean the surface as follows:


Cleaning Solution
Mix and put in a garden sprayer.
– 2 oz. TSP (1/4 C)
– 1 quart of liquid bleach
– 3 quarts of warm water

Mix enough cleaning solution in batches to cover the area to be coated (approx. 150 sq ft per gal).

  1. For wanted vegetation – wet with clean water and cover with plastic tarps.
  2. Cover windows and door openings.
  3. Wet surface with clean water.
  4. Apply cleaning solution from the
    bottom to the top.
  5. Keep surface wet with cleaning solution for approximately 15-20 minutes.
  6. While surface is still wet, power rinse with clean water. Rinsing the surface from the top to the bottom. WARNING! Do not exceed 500 PSI on the surface of the wood. Excessive power rinsing of the wood may cause damage that will affect the performance and appearance of the wood finish. Use a 45 ̊ fan tip keeping the tip approximately 12” from the surface. Avoid “fuzzing” the outer layer of the wood, which indicates that the power washing is too aggressive. The objective is to remove dirt loosened by the cleaning solution and loose wood fiber. Tip: The use of a garden hose (approx. 60 PSI) does not deliver enough pressure for effective cleaning.
  7. Allow three good drying days before coating. Moisture content should be no more than 18%.
  8. Apply a single coat of Recoater or NatureOne® 100% acrylic or NatureOne® Renew.


Extended Cycle Maintenance

If normal recoating as listed above is not performed and excessive color fade and/or random film flaking occurs, proceed as follows: Before exposed wood surface discoloration commences, clean surface area as listed above. After completing the cleaning procedure, inspect the surface for any loose wood finish or debris and remove with a stiff bristle synthetic brush. Apply original first coat product to exposed wood surface, “feather in” original second coat on exposed area, apply original third coat overall. Depending on severity of fade, second “feather in” coat may be over all as with third coat.

Tip: Some testing of lighter and darker colors will be necessary to determine best blending results. Color blending achieved in the first and second coat will make the over all third coat easier to bring the colors variations back to consistent look.

NatureOne® Renew is a colorless maintenance product, therefore not recommended in the extended maintenance cycle. See Product Data sheet.

Extreme Weather Maintenance

In cases of prolonged periods when timely maintenance was not performed, evidenced by severe fading and/or pronounced film detachment and wood discoloration, completely remove remnants of finish by stripping/sanding/ followed by renovation of wood surface to clean, new wood condition. Reapply system in accordance with appropriate application guide.

If coating removal is necessary, read the General Preparation Guide. Follow one of the methods described in the Previously Coated Wood section.

 Product Check

Prior to application, a test area should be done using the product purchased for the project. Test will confirm the desired color has been achieved, dry time is within usual wait times and product compatibility is evident.

For color consistency always use the same batch number for the job. If different batch numbers exist, mix all batches together to assure color consistency.


NatureColor® Base Coat and Recoater perform best applied with a longhaired natural bristle brush. NatureOne® is best applied with a nylon-polyester brush. NatureColor® and NatureOne® products can be sprayed, but always back brushed to work the product into the wood surface and to even the pigmentation and film thickness.

Spray Specifications:

– Airless Sprayer
– Tip Size 5-15 to 5-17
– Pressure – 1000 to 1500 PSI
– Saturate surface with product
– Even application by back brushing

Tip: Keep the spray head no more than 12 inches from substrate.

Clean Up

NatureColor® Clean Up:
Clean up spills and spatters immediately with mineral spirits. Clean tools immediately after use with mineral spirits.

NatureOne® Clean Up:
Wipe up spills and spatters immediately with damp rag. Equipment and tools should be cleaned with soap and water.

Dispose of empty can or unused finish in accordance with state and federal regulations.


Vertical surfaces should be coated within two weeks of cleaning procedure.

Horizontal surfaces should be coated within one week of surface preparation.

If subsequent coats are extended beyond these parameters cleaning of the surface should be done per the maintenance preparation specifications.


TSP, Bleach and Water solution may affect grass and vegetation if applied directly. Prior to applying the cleaning solution mist the vegetation with water and cover with plastic tarps.


The information and suggestions for use made herein are based on research and experience of Structures Wood Care, Inc., and are believed to be reliable. Application and surface conditions are beyond Structures Wood Care, Inc.’s control. Liability, if any, is limited to replacement of product or refund of its purchase price at Structures Wood Care’s option. Proof of purchase is required. Labor or cost of labor is excluded. Buyers must determine for themselves, by preliminary tests or otherwise, the suitability of the products for their purposes.