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Translucent Finish vs. Mother Nature
Translucent Finish vs. Mother Nature

How to Wage the Battle?

The Challenge of preserving the visual appeal of your wood siding is two-fold:

  1. Erecting a durable surface barrier that repels water so that moisture intrusion into the wood and its destructive effects are minimized.
  2. Screen the wood from degrading effects of sunlight without masking its appearance.

Mother Nature is persistent. Are one or two coats of stain enough?
The USDA’s Forest Products Laboratory has made repeated reference to the fact that, the amount of durable wood protection an outdoor wood finish offers, is a function of how much of it is left as a film on the surface of the wood after it’s been dried.”

NatureColor® or NatureOne® builds a translucent three-layered weathering shield to help fight the effects of Mother Nature.

How it works
The first layer penetrates and anchors itself to the wood. Bonded to that foundation, the next two coats then build a barrier against the destructive effects of weathering. The finish rather than the wood bears the brunt of weathering elements and conserves the aesthetic appeal of the wood surface beneath it. The gradual wearing of the finish is renewed by a single maintenance coat.

The result 
The freshly coated appearance you see today can be the same appealing look you’ll see well into tomorrow.