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Structures Wood Care - Why choose NatureOne® Acrylic in High Elevation and High Sun States?
Why choose NatureOne® Acrylic in High Elevation and High Sun States?

Often, we get a question on which of our products does better in the mountains or areas with a lot of sun, but the answer is easy.

When traveling to these states, we only talk to them about our NatureOne® 100% Acrylic line. Here is why…

– Stronger, yet very flexible while still having excellent breathability and outstanding adhesion.

– 3-part UV protection. The industrial-grade acrylic resins we use are UV resistant, we add UV inhibitors in every can and the iron-oxide pigments help to reflect UV. Our NatureColor® oil has only a 2-part UV protection (inhibitors and trans-oxide pigments).

– It is VOC-compliant in all 50 states and has a low odor. NOT VOC-compliant in 18 states – Learn more on VOC Compliance.

– Colors tend to be very stable and do not darken over time. An oil continue will continually darken day-after-day.

– Dries in 2-4 hours, allowing you to apply more coats in a single day. Oils need a minimum of 24 hours between coats.

– Soap and water cleanup versus using mineral spirits.

– Can be applied over and oil or water-based product with proper scuff sanding with 60-80 grit. Where and oil can only go over an oil.

– Non-flammable versus flammable with an oil.

– Use a nylon or polyester brush (synthetic). Natural bristle brush only for oils.

– Generally, all oils use either linseed and/or tung oils in their production. Those oils never fully cure. The sun bakes them causing those oils to migrate to the top of the stain surface and are washed off in a heavy rain, allowing for the coating to become brittle over time without proper maintenance coats.

– Oils DO have the greatest ability to highlight graining and knots.