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  • Recommended Temperatures for Coating

    Recommended Temperatures for Coating

    We have all read can labels with recommended temperatures that one should have when coating exterior projects.

  • Why Is Back Priming Recommended?

    Why Is Back Priming Recommended?

    First of all lets explain, what is back priming? It simply means coating the backside of wood siding with one coat of NatureColor® Base Coat or NatureOne® before putting the siding up.

  • Mill Glaze

    Mill Glaze

    Mill Glaze is a phenomenon that occurs during the milling process of the wood. Wood generally has an open porous cell structure that is very accepting of wood finishes. This porous structure is altered during the planing process that makes the wood glossy smooth or mill glazed.

    Blades on these planners rotate at very high speeds and crush the open cell structure, which transforms it into a closed structure that prevents the penetration of any coating. To achieve maximum bond of our coatings to the wood we recommend that the “mill glaze” be removed by sanding or applying TSP, bleach and water solution and then lightly power washing the surface.

  • Exterior Wood Siding

    Exterior Wood Siding

    Application of NatureColor® Base Coat & Recoater

  • Structures Wood Care - Cabins

    Log & Solid Timber Construction – NatureOne®

    Application of NatureOne® – 100% Acrylic Exterior


"I used 3 coats of NatureOne® Teak to transform our garage door into a beautiful addition. Thank you Structures."

— Shane (Facebook Review)